Tayiana Chao

A historian by passion and a computer scientist by profession, Tayiana Chao is a digital heritage specialist, researcher and history enthusiast from Kenya. She has been involved in the digital heritage scene for the past five years. Starting off with a renowned history blog (Thee Agora) and going on to lead a nationwide campaign to champion for the preservation of Kenya’s antique railway stations (Save The Railway).

She is also the founder of African Digital Heritage an organisation keen on exploring the use of cutting edge interactive technologies to document African arts and culture and create a new frontier for it in a digital age. Currently she develops interactive software and media to support interpretation and engagement within museums. She has an MSc in International Heritage Visualization (2017, Distinction) and a BSc (hons) in Computer science and Mathematics (2015) from JKUAT. She is also a Google Anita Borg Scholar(2016) having received the award for demonstrating outstanding academic performance, leadership, and impact in the tech community.

" As technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to create platforms, applications and media that allow us to tell our stories in new exciting ways. I believe this holds a lot of potential for African heritage institutions to share and preserve their collections, and for ordinary citizens to change narratives by harnessing blogging and social media platforms to tell their stories. This immense amount of potential within the continent drives me to continue exploring the use of cutting-edge tools to create a new frontier for African history in a digital age and on a world stage. "

Twitter: @AfricaDHeritage