We believe in the power of technology and the promise of  culture.

Recently founded, African Digital Heritage is an organisation that seeks to advocate for, and promote the best use of technology in the curation, preservation and dissemination of African history and culture. By focusing on digital solutions for cultural institutions, we hope to  cement the place of African culture in an era of rapidly changing technologies and endless frontiers.


We explore aspects such as digitisation, digital documentation and digital visualisation by partnering with organisations, institutions and communities around the continent. In doing so, we aim to highlight heritage in danger of disappearance and bring to the fore-front lesser known stories and perspectives. Our inspiration stems from a deep commitment to the continent's diverse history, and a  curiosity that  drives us to continuously push the limits of technology, arts and culture.

3D Digital Documentation and Visualization.
Digitisation of historical archives and artefacts.
Multimedia storytelling through photography and film.
Developing interactive software to increase engagement and interpretation.


How can looted artefacts be loaned back to the countries they were stolen from? Who exactly benefits from this power structure that continually states that a certain group of people need to prove they are worthy of their own culture? The case of the Maqdala treasures

Maqdala and the case for repatriation. Cultural artefacts in Western museums should be returned

In 1868, the stunning Maqdala treasures and manuscripts were looted from Ethiopia by British Soldiers, during the Abyssinian expedition against Emperor Tewodros the 2nd. Of the vast quantity of this loot, explorer H.M Stanley writes, “Over a space growing more and more extended, the thousand articles were scattered until they dotted the surface of the rocky citadel, the slopes of the hill and the entire road to camp, two miles off”. After the expedition, most of the items from the loot were brought to the UK where many of them were distributed between museums and institutions in the region such as the British museum, the Victoria and Albert museum, the Oxford Bodleian library and others.

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