We believe in the power of technology and the promise of  culture.

Recently founded, African Digital Heritage seeks to advocate for, and promote the best use of technology in the curation, preservation and dissemination of African history. By focusing on digital solutions for cultural institutions, we hope to  cement the place of African culture in an era of rapidly changing technologies and endless frontiers.


We are excited to partner with Museum of British Colonialism to document and digitally reconstruct detention camps setup during the State of Emergency in Kenya

How are we using technology to reconstruct Kenya's detention camps

We are excited to partner with Museum of British Colonialism to document and reconstruct Kenya's detention centres and curate an exhibition centred around their existence and history. We believe that these camps played a central role in the struggle for independence and through our research we hope to shed some light on their location (Where they were), their physicality (How they looked), their composition (Who they held and where they came from) and their intentions (Why were they created)



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July 17, 2018

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