3D Reconstruction of Samburu Railway Station

In October 2015 I documented  Samburu Railway station as part of the Save The Railway project. I was really struck by this particular station, as it was one of the most intact ones I came across along the Mombasa – Voi line, and the setting around it was simply stunning.  For a long time, I had been wanting to document these stations in 3D and Samburu was the perfect place to start. This 3D reconstruction is the first step in creating a virtual tour that will take the user through the history of the railway and the construction of the station.

Photo of Samburu Railway Station taken in 2015

The model was created using reference photos from the collection taken in 2015. Using memories and audio from the interviews carried out during the trip, this digital experience aims not only to be immersive but highly emotive. This model is still in development but here are a couple of renders from an  initial draft.

Application used to create the model : 3Ds Max.

Possible use: This 3D reconstruction can be – 

  • Displayed within an interactive application within the railway museum in Nairobi to give users a picture of how the station once looked
  • Used as a historical teaching aid.
  • Used in animations or films.


Textures courtesy of : Save The Railway Collection, Textures.com

Samburu Railway Station- Kenya
by AfricanDigitalHeritage
on Sketchfab

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