Tayiana Chao aka The Headstrong Historian

A historian by passion and a computer scientist by profession, Tayiana Chao is a Kenyan digital heritage specialist, researcher and history enthusiast . She has been involved in the digital heritage scene for the past five years. Starting off with a renowned history blog (Thee Agora) and going on to lead a nationwide campaign to champion for the preservation of Kenya’s antique railway stations (Save The Railway).

She is the founder of African Digital Heritage and the co-founder of the Museum of British Colonialism. Currently she develops interactive software and media to support interpretation and engagement within one of the world's leading museums. She has an MSc in International Heritage Visualization (Glasgow University, Distinction) and a BSc (hons) in Computer science and Mathematics (2015). She is also a Google Anita Borg Scholar(2016) having received the award for demonstrating outstanding academic performance, leadership, and impact in the tech community.

Twitter: @AfricaDHeritage



Mutanu K'yanya

Mutanu Kyany'a is an Outreach and Communication manager with experience in advocacy, communications, capacity building, collaboration and networking. She has previously worked for Africa's largest online platform Jumia and renowned nature conservation group, WildlifeDirect. Through her previous posts, she has proven track record in program management, audience growth, community participation and many more. As an advocate for community structures and mobilisation, she believes that the only way to build a strong community is to effectively pass down its cultural and historical tenets. She brings to this project her experience in communication and management, and her passion and dedication for the subject.