Reconstructing and mapping Kenya's forgotten Mau Mau detention camps. We are using interactive maps, archival sources and oral history interviews to create a mixed media installation that is centred around camps erected between 1952 - 1960.


Save The Railway is a project dedicated to preserving and documenting Kenya's antique railway stations which are at risk of dilapidation and demolition. As Kenya's infrastructure undergoes significant structural changes, this project captures and preserves the historical and contemporary settings and perspectives of hundreds of Kenyans around the country and world.


Ancient Manuscripts of Timbuktu is a virtual reality application that uses leap motion technology to provide an interactive, natural way for users to engage with digitized manuscripts. Inspired by the recent destruction and continuous threat to Timbuktu’s priceless scripts, this application seeks to provide a life beyond digitisation and change how we interact with digitized historical materials. Not just as a series of documents and images stored in an indexed database, but as valuable items that possess an authenticity and integrity of their own.

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Started in 2012, Thee Agora is a history and culture blog that provides well curated and insightful pieces on different cities, events and occurrences in Kenyan history. By combining photo essays, videos and personal anecdotes it brings to life forgotten narratives that have impacted thousands of people within and outside Kenya. Spreading as far as Australia, Canada and the United Kingodom.